Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Post Dispatched

Spring, 2014

Hi, hope you are well. We're hoping for a little more rain. The old processors are succumbing to the time sequence. Unfortunately we don't have the kind you're used to. You no doubt know the conclusion and reintroduction of education here in the Western States of America. Every now and then they change the lines and the lines become laws.

"Laws Yes."

"M-O-O-N that spells Fubar"

"Shut up! I'm trying to type!"

"What the Fuck are you typing to anyways?"

" Leave please."


"There's no way. Leave please."

"Thank You"

Yeah, Anyway this is one organization that probably helped you out a little there.
The petition was offered the other day via email. StudentLoanJustice.org  So, naturally, I signed the damned thing electronically. I took the chance that ,you know who- won't peruse it.
Maybe I shouldn't have.

I don't want to go into all the details of the Education Debacle here and now or my involvement with it, however miniscule that might be- one way or the other..For me, it's not quite water under the bridge time- Not just yet. But I'm sure- if what you wrote is any indicator, then "no worries" except- it's going to be one hell of a mental bumpy ride coming up soon.

 All I know is, Jeff Rand didn't fair so well. Because of the domino principle, of course, and that for me is more than enough reason to hang on until it's eating it's own tail. But I can't help  wondering
whatever became of all of that art (show and tell). Well, I only pray you came across some of my works via the designated sites. That"ll help can- kick-it back down the echo chamber..Maybe not as quick as I'd like and better than nothing is about what we are getting used to again-. A twisted side of the cycle-I know. I'd wish we were not in, but there you go. J.Uno is askin' me again to remind you of "The Sequence". So that's between you and him. I'll kick you up some tunes soon as I get the boards back up and running. Which will be soon.I hope.

Also, I just wanted to mention, to see what you could do about the whole- Jack  Da King Kirby thing. It's about that warehouse again.The info is probably buried in the e-archives somewhere. You know where. Do me a favor and find out who was working that block before they demolished it.

 This:KickbackTDT-please.And of course, Thank you for everything so far and keep up the good work. -Junck D.Junck

Monday, February 10, 2014

Wishing you Well-Whenever You Are

I hope you are well, It is a new year for us. If you celebrate it "Happy Belated". I'm wondering how it is now that the country was divided up by the pipeline-you know the one or did we prevent it? You should know we are mourning. The memorial was over the last weekend.Knowing about the sickness is a little scary.
 I wonder if you will remember us? I sure hope so.
the winter garden had been planted broccoli, garlic, onions and lettuce.
I'm sure you'll probably have to make due because of the image re-layer. Remember the holograms can be a bit tricky and misleading.We 're still having problems with the computers here.We will soon need some better ones-Wod.
Oh, I'll soon be sending some images for you. But I can't really say if there will not be any corruption-after a bit of degradation-modern tech what'ca gonna do? Sioff

P.S. As usual, this time frame requires the monthly sequence to pay for energy, place of residence and the like.  Don't forget I wouldn't ask for it unless it was necessary and sure the stuff is just laying around all over the place where you are and I know it's useless to you there. But don't forget to move it little higher on your priority list. I know it's a bitch to recalibrate and convert it all little by little. So thanks again.
email: johnuno@hotmail.com for the digits.Sioff 2- J.Uno 2014, Winter

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Those of you that have viewed this page may have noticed I removed the "support by Paypal" button.My stats say their are at least 200 of you- give or take twenty or so +or-. I have had some  experiences from that business I'd rather not go into.Please Email(johnuno@hotmail.com)  if you have any interest in commissions for artwork. As always, at least ten percent will go to a charity of your choice.
In the near future-Check out the "links" page for a few of my favorites.



No ol' School Like New School Ignorance and Prejudice

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

       Get quiet      GetNoizy?     Get Angry
                Get anything but (Violent?Violence)
  T      O        L      E    R    A   N  C  E  
     D       I           Ana   L    O    G    

For we are:
   More Human than Human- as a song goes.
                                     -andFragile -Stingingthe
                                           -Rob bie Munster

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